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A New Website for designX6


Wordpress is adding more and more features that we don't fancy. So we have decided to simply go back to basics; HTML, CSS and nothing else. No java-script, engines, frameworks, or any static site generators.

We are using CSS Grid to make sure our website is responsive, and it works great!

We had a lot of challenges while building our new site, such as making a sticky footer and header. The footer needed to stay at the bottom of the page when there was less content. It also needed to move down when there was more content. Finally, we fixed it by styling with the position attribute.

We also spent a lot of time making sure our home page showcased our products appropriately. The trickiest part was creating the CSS Grid for our products placed in 3 containers. This site is a lot faster and simpler compared to Wordpress, so we think it was well worth the effort.