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If you are looking for a secret ingredient to make your food flavorful or a cooking app that is focused on step-by-step cooking or just want to forget the real world for a journey into mysterious worlds—you have arrived at the right place.

SpiceMiss spices

Spices for a Flavorful Meal

The secret to your next flavorful meal—spices made with quality ingredients and an authetic recipe.

You will love our spice blends created by our cooking expert, Mrunal. Garam Masala, a family recipe and Za'atar, a new take on a mild middle eastern spice. Mrunal's spice blends are loved by family, friends, and many loyal customers at the local farmer's market.

iOS app Cook With Me

Easy-to-follow Recipe App

A fresh approach to the recipe app. Step-by-step cooking in a simple and clear format.

The "Cook With Me" iOS app includes 36 curated, created, and tried vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes by our cooking expert, Mrunal. The app simply shows the information required for cooking. Cook with zero distractions.

Mystery books

Mystery Books

Fiction at times is better than reality. Follow along on a journey to mysterious worlds.

If you are in a mood to travel to mysterious worlds, explore our team member's work on the Amazon book store. In our six person team, we have a talented writer and he has written seven fiction books so far.